Boxer SpeedDay is an international recreational car event that will be held at Kiikala Airport, Finland, on 18-19 September 2020. At Boxer SpeedDay, you can participate in a 1/4 mile driving practice in your car or motorcycle, regardless of brand.

On the 18th you may camp freely in the area surrounding the air control tower (no campground amenities) and on the 19th the track will open for driving practice.

Companies in the industry sell parts and equipment in the area and individuals are free to sell used parts in a swap style. There is also an FVWA shop selling shirts, mugs, etc.

On the track, there is a food service organized by Kiikala Grill on Saturday, so you can buy food portions and drinks, as well as other snacks. The toilets consist of an on-site Bajamaja container, which also has hand washing/disinfection points.

The fastest drivers and the best show & shine cars will be rewarded. The program and services will be specified before the event!

Categories 2020:


  • Fastest driver
  • Fastest aircooled VW
  • Fastest watercooled VW
  • Best attempt


  • Top 5
  • Originelle


Entrance fee = 15 €

FVWA members with a membership card 10 € and children under 15 free. The price covers the admission of one person to one area both on Friday and Saturday and is the same regardless of whether you arrive in the area already on Friday or only on Saturday.

Driving practice vehicle inspection = 20 €

Point of sale for companies = 20 € (swap for individuals free)


The gate accepts cash and the most common credit cards. It is worth reserving cash and preferably even money so that there is no unnecessary congestion at the gate.

The event is organized by the Finnish Volkswagen Association (FVWA). Further information: info@fvwa.fi / Jari Kähkönen, Chairman of FVWA, tel. +358 50 3033866

* changes to schedule and program possible.

Driving practice rules

  • A valid driving license is required by the driver.
  • Safety equipment includes at least a driving helmet, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants (no nylon), fully protective shoes (no sandals!), driving gloves, and 3-point seat belts. Cars that run under 12 seconds must have a roll cage and high-quality racing seat and belts.
  • The vehicle requires functional brakes and swiveling front wheels. Tire choice is free (studded tires prohibited).
  • Petrol or diesel as fuel (no nitrous or methanol)
  • The vehicle must not leak any fluids onto the track. For clearly tuned vehicles, an oil sump is required under the machine. No extra cleaning breaks = more driving time for everyone!
  • Vehicles are inspected before driving begins and the driver must complete a disclaimer form at the time of the inspection.
  • There must be no loose objects inside the car that will move as a result of a possible collision. Among other things, you need to pay attention to attaching the battery.

A meeting of the drivers is held in the starting area before the start of the training. When driving on the return road after driving, care must be taken with the competitor, ie the driver on the right will leave the strip first. There is a speed limit of 20 km / h on the return road.

Riverside Cruisers ry. takes care of the timing.

Drive safely, have fun!